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New Cambridge English Course 4 SB

New Cambridge English Course 4 SB
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код товара:2002887
издательство: Cambridge
год выпуска:2001
оформление: мягкая обложка
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The New Cambridge English Course is a four-level course for learners of English. Level 4 takes students from intermediate to a good upper-intermediate standard (approximately at the level of the Cambridge First Certificate). It can be used with learners who have studied previous levels of the course or as an independent upper-intermediate course.

The New Cambridge English Course 4:

- provides a carefully-structured and motivating approach to success at upper-intermediate level;
- is divided into five blocks, each containing eight lessons followed by a Summary, a Revision and Fluency Practice section and a Revision Test;
- is organised so that each block provides four `general-purpose` lessons; two lessons focusing on special problems of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation; and two lessons focusing on specific skills;
- contains a minimum of 72 hours` classwork organised in two-page 90-minute lessons;
- involves the learner in discussing and formulating grammar rules and explanations;
- encourages imagination, creativity and personal expression;
- provides frequent opportunities for student choice.

Level 4 possesses all the features of the New Cambridge English Course series, including:

- proven multi-syllabus approach;
- clearly focused and `signposted` aims for each lesson;
- wide variety of presentation and practice material;
- allowance for different learning styles and teaching situation;
- balance between control and freedom in language practice;
- motivating range of up-to-date topics;
- frequent use of authentic reading and listening material;
- highly attractive, clearly organised page design.

The Student`s Book contains everything necessary for class work; it is supported by a wide choice of homework exercises in the Practice Book.

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